Child-free weekend – The Pig Hotel

Child-free weekend – The Pig Hotel

 All present and correct

I have to be careful what I say around Father of Misters in the run-up to birthdays or Christmas. Any interest expressed can result in a well-meaning but undesirable present.

“I don’t want stuff,” I lament, “I want experiences – specifically somewhere I can hang up my mothering beret for a bit.”

Thing is I’m not allowed give him any ideas. It takes all my strength not to record “Babington House” on Voice Notes and play it to him as he sleeps.

Christmas though, he delivered. The big day dawned gently (for others; boys jumped on our heads at 5.37 AM) and the usual chaos ensued. In a quiet moment, he gave me my present: a sugared pig. Better not be a year’s subscription to bacon.

Like a Pig in…Dorset.

It was a clue to my present: dinner and stay over at The Pig on the Beach hotel, Dorset. A date was negotiated with Mother and Sister in Law to take care of the Misters – they barely lifted their eyes as we fled for the car.

Within 2 hours, we’d arrived at a stunning country house with beautiful grounds and a jaw-dropping sea-view. A country-chic charming room with a free-standing tub and telescope (naturally).

Cases dumped, we snag ourselves a fireside spot in the cosy bar- aperitif anyone? Dinner was booked for 6.30 pm and the only reservation time we could get, so clearly popular.

The restaurant was buzzy but relaxed and a nice crowd too – lots of families celebrating big events, couples enjoying a romantic dinner. The menu is locally sourced within a 25-mile radius and truly delicious. I dived into this beauty  – don’t bother bringing two spoons.



Next morning, it’s a brisk walk along the cliff tops – terrifying but breath-taking. We’re back in time for a very lazy Sunday lunch and the papers -for once, enough time to read every single section. It’s a treat just to sit and have a natter – no boy-wrestling matches to referee, no bed-times to negotiate.

The Pig on the Beach hotel was a relaxed dose of fabulous. Voice Notes recorded and ready to play to Father of Misters in his sleep.

Let us know where you have been child-free? What’s the best bit about getting away without the little treasures?


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