That Friday Feeling – Top 10 Throwback Tunes

Generation gap

When are you considered  “past it” in your kids’ eyes? When do they go from hanging on your every word to rolling their eyes at whatever you say? And is it the natural order that all parents are embarrassing and we should just play our role?

Never do I feel my age more than when it comes to music. As I reach for Magic Chilled on the radio, it is tuned to Radio 1 Xtra. I originally turned my nose up at this but now I let it slide. I figure if I appreciate the boys’ choice of music rather than slam it, more likely they’ll trust my judgement on bigger stuff in the years to come.

That said, whenever I do embrace their musical choices and try the PEEERRPPP sound from Big Shaq’s “Man’s Not Hot”, Youngest Mister looks at me like I just showed his friends baby pictures of him in the bath.

Please don’t stop the Music..

There is however one time in the week when all musical differences are set aside – Friday night. School and work is all done and we can kick back and look forward to the weekend. And yes, a glass of well-deserved red wine for yours truly.

The rules are simple: each family member calls on Alexa (other home devices are available and don’t forget to say please!) to play a song we consider “dance round the kitchen” worthy – my, it gets competitive!

Old Skool Kool

Course the one advantage of being as old as I am is that I’ve just heard more songs than they have – a back catalogue stretching back decades to dip into. Take that, Little Misters! (Well indeed, Relight My Fire is a classic..)

I’ve selected a few of our favourites here and I’d like to think that the family that dances together, stays together – just get out of my way boys when I get my Beyonce strut on!

Mother of Mister’s Top Ten Tunes

Warren G and Nate Dogg Regulate

PJ and Duncan Let’s get ready to rumble

The Muppets Mna Mna

Black Lace Agadoo

Steps Tragedy

The Ting Tings That’s not my name

MC Hammer Can’t touch this

ACDC Back in Black

Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit

Michael Jackson Thriller

What gets your Misters’ toes tapping? Don’t forget to share in the Comments section.

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