How Britney Spears helps kids with their grammar

As easy as A,B,C…

The boys are back in school after the holidays and for all their mess and noise, I do miss them. What I haven’t missed however is supervising the Devil’s work; sorry I meant homework.

The 9 year old’s English Grammar homework is the one that has me poised with my iPad, in case I have to Google exactly what a subordinating conjunction is (and when to use parentheses).

When the student becomes the master…

However, he tackles the homework with ease and starts singing “Oops I did it again” by Britney Spears but the lyrics are a little different. Turns out, he’s singing along to this helpful gem from Grammarsaurus.

Grammarsaurus is an online subscription resource for teachers and covers a wide range of primary school subjects, including Maths, Science and English.

They’ve re-written the lyrics to other well-known songs (from the Venga Boys to Destiny’s Child, to name a few) to help kids master some rather sophisticated grammatical conundrums and their videos have racked up over half a million views on YouTube.

Mitch Hudson is Director of Grammarsaurus Ltd and told me about the role music can play in teaching grammar to our kids.

“Just humming the beat or melody of an educational song is a fantastic way for children to remember important facts and ideas.

In my teaching career, I have found that boys respond well if they have the ability to get up and move to the music as it makes learning more memorable for them.”

Ask your kids if they’ve watched these videos at school and if they’ve helped them master the rudimentaries of grammar.

If only so they can tell grammar-inspired jokes like this.

The past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense.

With material like that, my youngest will be hired to warm up Britney’s Vegas audience… right?


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