How to safeguard on Fortnite

How to safeguard on Fortnite


I can “floss” with the best of them (the misters would disagree) but how do you parents feel about Fortnite itself?

I was a little unsure as frankly Fortnite is an online first person shooter game. I didn’t think anyone would be handing me my “Parent of the Year” badge for allowing that at home.

The family that plays Fortnite together, stays together..?

But the misters were adamant and all their friends were playing, so I relented. That said, my tendancy is to ration Fortnite carefully.

My reluctance now is because it’s single player, they play at separate times (requests to get a second PlayStation have fallen on deaf ears). Better in my book, is when they play something like FIFA. At least then they play together – though banter reaches shouty levels.

Fortnite fans would argue that they’re being sociable chatting to mates on their headphones – since Eldest Mister went off to secondary school, it has been one way to keep in touch with old friends.

Playing it safe..

The most valuable thing I’ve learnt is that one Fortnite gaming session takes around 20 minutes, so that’s how we divide up gaming time. It was pretty annoying when I stormed in after 30 minutes, ordering them to stop gaming IMMEDIATELY and pointing at the Power button.

My main concern is that they are playing online. We went through all the Fortnite settings so they were protected but it was handy to get an email giving parents guidance on safeguarding when playing Fortnite (see link below).

Whilst they’re gaming, I am sprinting around the house getting stuff done but it was valuable for me to play too – even though I was useless and just screeched every time I was “eliminated”.

And I forgot to thank the bus driver – the shame of it…

Let us know your thoughts on Fortnite in the Comment box. Happy gaming but stay safe!


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