How to smash being a Football Mum

Football Mums United!

The huge success of England football squad last Summer will undoubtedly have inspired a nation of kids to take up the beautiful game.

But those players didn’t get where they are today without the support of a willing parent to do training runs and stand pitch-side in the cold.

And I bet their Mums would agree that it doesn’t all happen by accident – a bit of thought and planning goes into it too. So if you’ve joined the ranks of Football Mums for the first time this year, here’s my top tips to survive and win this season!

Get a Buddy

It takes a while for your son to settle into his new team and get to know his peers – and for you too! But once you’ve spent some time pitch-side with parents, you realise that you are all running the same mad gauntlet to get them to training and matches. Do lift-shares to training and games – especially helpful when you have more than 1 footballer in the family.

Pack the night before

I make this a condition on a Friday night that they can play FIFA once they’ve packed their stuff for Saturday morning games – believe me, you are always chasing your tail to get everyone out of the house. They have a blackboard in their rooms with everything listed – water bottle, last week’s trophy to return, shinpads, kit etc.

It’s all in the bag, Mum – promise

Dress for Success

When Winter really sets in, just throwing on the nearest coat won’t cut it! You need a duvet coat that goes WAY past your bum (this Uniqlo one will do the trick), thermal socks ideally inside fur-lined boots and silk gloves INSIDE your regular gloves to trap heat (thanks to my football mum buddies for that tip)- these ones from Decathlon will do the job. Also pack an almighty scarf that can swaddle the whole football team and a hat (fluffy bobbles are still very much this season).

Spectate in comfort

Before you fly out of the house in a blind panic, here’s your checklist of essentials for football match spectating: An insulated mug with your favourite hot beverage (many clubs claim a cafe but your own brew is best in my opinion), a camping chair and some half time snacks for the kids (carrot batons were last season’s clear favourites). A blanket and umbrella don’t go amiss either.. though I am sorely tempted to buy one of these  shower tents to hide under… perhaps even getting Mum Boss printed on the back (too much?)

Plan your route

Yes the away team gave you an address but didn’t tell you that the surrounding streets are residential parking only.

You don’t want to do the late walk of shame and risk the wrath of manager and referee, so leave plenty of time to find the right pitch and park up. Get a What’s App parent group going so that you can all moan about the parking together.

Ok, you’re set!

Please let me know your “smashing it like a Football Mum” tips in the comments section below.


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