How to speak Tween – the words you need to know

Speak Tween? That’s so lit…

Myself and some football mums are playing against our boys in a charity football match this weekend. So that we had SOME idea of what we were doing, we got together during the boys’ training session this week to practice. Eldest Mister and his friend took us through our footballing paces, practising skills like tackling, dribbling, corner kicks etc.

We were quite delighted with our efforts, high-fiving each other as we left the pitch. However, as we passed the boys’ training area, we heard choruses of  “Sweaty Try-Hards” – from our own sons.

I myself countered that with an “L for loser” sign but it got me thinking about Tween language. Lately, I’ve noticed words the Misters use that I’ve never heard of.

In an attempt to demystify Tween Speak, I checked out for the official definitions and then asked the Misters to give me their examples. I’ve also included my own examples as context in a Mum world.

A word of caution – if you are using Urban Dictionary, some definitions and examples use language that some may find offensive.. best to refer to whilst alone!

Speak Tween – Sweaty Try-Hard


Urban Dictionary (October 2018) defines  Sweaty Try-Hard as “a gamer who takes video games way too seriously as if a million dollars is on the line. The term comes from how some gamers get so intense while playing, that they actually start sweating.”

A Tween example might also be screeching “Let’s get this back!!!!” when you’re 24-0 down against the best football team in the league and there’s only 2 minutes until the full-time whistle goes.

In Mum world, this is the mother who turns up on Sports Day in full running kit for the Parent race.  She powers towards the finishing line without so much as a look back and then does a “Victory Dab”. You know the one.

Speak Tween – Clutch

This is defined as “Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it”.

In Tween speak, it’s often associated with gaming – a point in the game when it appeared that you were out but the game threw you a late lifeline.

The equivalent “Clutch” moment for mums is when you have a Big Night Out (first in 6 months) and you NEED a new outfit fast. You have scoured ALL the shops bar one. The last shop gives you THE outfit you’ve been searching for.

Speak Tween – Newb

According to Urban Dictionary, this is an “An inexperienced player of a game. They will eventually develop better skills and want to get better.”

To my boys, these are people who don’t know how to build on Fortnite. Nor do they get the off-side rule in football. For me, this was my hospital bag when I packed 1 small pack of nappies, some travel-sized baby wipes and 1 pack of formula. Total Newb.

I hope this has given you an insight into the Tween Speak out there. I do think that was rather “Lit” of me to provide this.

Keep following Mother of Misters for our expanding Speak Tween dictionary. Let us know what your Tween says so we can add it in. 



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