How to use the Lego you already have

how to use the lego you already have

Goodbye yellow brick road..

December’s fast approaching and Christmas lists are done but what occupies the top spot on their lists? Lego. Lego Marvel Superheroes the Hulkbuster (£99.99) and the Lego City Hospital “for only £69.99 Mum!”.*

“Anyone asked for a copy of my list yet?” asks my eldest. E-mailed or printed copy –  just ask.

Lego doesn’t just feature on kids’ Christmas lists.  When David Beckham or even the Culture Secretary (both big fans) head over to the Lego website, they can buy the Las Vegas strip or James Bond’s Aston Martin.

This year however, I feel like calling a Grinch-style amnesty. No more NEW Lego sets. There’s Lego everywhere I look (and stand). Ships, planes, arctic trucks and police cars, all lined up on enormous dust-filled storage systems.

how to reuse old lego

In total, it weighs in at 26 kg (equivalent to 52 kittens or 333,333 bees). I don’t even want to think about how much it all cost. But what to do with it all?

Here are 5 ways to reuse old Lego

1 Rebuild the sets you have

I threw out ALL booklets but this handy functionality on the Lego website means you can look up any set for the instructionsI’m going to challenge the boys to rebuild a certain number of sets so will let you know how that goes.

Rebrickable gives you ideas on how to combine the sets you have to create new ones.

2 Rise to the challenge

If you have Alexa at home (other virtual assistants are available), say “Alexa, open Lego activities” and build what she suggests e.g. Line up some mini-figures and try to mow them down.

Check out Pinterest too for a skip load of ideas including marble runs and bridge building challenges

3 Do your homework

Sunday night and someone’s just remembered they have a school project. We have NO coloured card and all the paints have dried up anyway. Now what?

Lego’s an amazing way to bring to life some of the recent themes we’ve had – from the Tudors to Space via Egypt. Check out these inspirational projects and save yourself the mess and hassle of paints!

4 Make a Gift

A  great way for kids to make something personal and unique – and super-cheap or free! From coasters to clocks, check out these lovely items.

5 Flog it

Bagging Lego up and selling it on eBay could earn you about £20 for 1kg!

Building a bridge to your heart…

I did get round to dusting all those Lego-filled storage systems. In amongst all their creations, I found our family in Lego figures that my youngest had made.

I admit to getting a little misty-eyed when I remembered all those hours spent playing together (I am finder/sorter, the boys are the builders). Lego has fired up their imaginations with elaborate storylines involving prison break-outs and space battles.

And I know that you can’t really put a price on that…

how to reuse old lego
My Lego self has WAY better hair…

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*Correct RRP at time of publication


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