In Pizza we Crust… Home-made Pizza recipe

What dinner gets your kids salivating? For mine, pizza. Every time. When we’re at home. When we go out for lunch. When they’re asleep.

Expensive addiction though, eh? My annual supermarket pizza bill was ringing in at a nearly £1000! Surely I could do it cheaper (and maybe even better) myself?

Here’s what you’ll need: (makes 4 pizzas)

4 level teaspoons of yeast

390ml of warm water

600g of OO pasta flour (plain flour will work too)

Generous pinch of salt

Splash of milk

Splash of extra virgin oil

Pizza Be With You

Now dig out that old breadmaker (you know, the one RIGHT at the back of your cupboard.. the one you bought when you thought you were Mary Berry).

Dissolve the yeast in the warm water and add the splash of milk. Add this to the flour then pop in the oil and salt. Add mixture to breadmaker and set to dough function.

Take the dough out after about 45 mins and pop the dough in a lightly oiled bowl (or it seeps out over the side of the breadmaker like The Blob).

You can make extra, pop in a plastic bag and freeze too.

Get some baking parchment (so you can roll dough out on that rather than chipping dried dough off your nice island surface), a rolling pin and some pizza baking trays.

Roll out, add passata, your favourite toppings and cook at 200º C for about 10 minutes.

Watch for their little grabby hands the second you take them out of the oven. I am now officially Best Mum Ever.

With the savings I’ve made, I’m off to Rome for a weekend. Father of Misters and the boys can make their own.



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