How to inspire a reluctant reader

how to inspire a reluctant reader

School – best days of your life apparently. There’s so much kids are expected to stay on top of though (and therefore us parents keeping on their case) – times table practice, projects, spellings and reading. Reading is rightly the King of all of these skills – but what do you do if your child is a reluctant reader?

Finding a theme that appeals to their character will really help so we’ve identified three that might grab their interest. Each has some recommended reads to get you started. If you’re sitting comfortably, then let’s begin…


One of the quickest ways to a child’s heart is to make them laugh. Use silly accents for the characters and get them to try too. And if the story itself is funny, bordering on downright silly, then all the better.

The Mr.Gum Series by Andy Stanton delivers this in bucketfuls – with a wonderful quirky humour that appeals to adults too. We’ve cried laughing reading this series together. Ideal for children  7+


Distract them with pictures and the words will do their magic. Let them choose a picture storybook one night – so long as you get to choose next night.

For timeless appeal, nothing beats the master Quentin Blake (Mrs Armitage on wheels is our favourite) or the lovable Tin Tin series. Ideal for children 5-8


It goes without saying that the Boy Wizard AKA Harry Potter and the magical world of Hogwarts deliver without fail. Children love to hate Malfoy and Snape and we appreciate the ease with which J.K.Rowling dispenses with major characters (no spoilers here we promise).  Ideal for children 7+

Kids love a dystopian nightmare too and The Hunger Games series got my eldest hooked. Both of these are obviously major movie franchises so hold your child to a promise that you can watch it together every time they finish a book in the series. Ideal for children 10+

After all,

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

And you’ll never hear me arguing with Dr.Seuss…


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