Toy Trend 2019 – Superzings

Back in my day (we’re talking the early 80’s in Dublin), the playground craze extraordinaire was “fancy paper”. This was essentially stationery, printed with rainbows or unicorns or characters (Pierrot clown slayed it back then).

If you were really lucky, fancy paper you could scratch AND smell. You collected and swapped. You NEVER actually wrote on it though. Obvs…

Why or where a craze took hold back then was much harder to tell. My kids goggle when I tell them I grew up in a world without internet and only a handful of TV channels to surf. I did have my calculator watch though.

For kids today? A few years back it was all about Match Attax cards. Then came fidget spinners (they have a special place in my Mum Room 101).

Last week, my youngest informed me of the latest craze at school – Superzings. I’d never heard of them but stupidly presumed they were some sort of fizzy sweet. I was very much corrected on that point.

They’re small collectable toys – everyday household or food items, dressed up as superheroes. According to my boy, they’re “a bit like Moshi Monsters but cooler”.

Superzings are collectables to trade with your mates – if you get Professor K though, DO NOT swap him as he’s super rare (ok, ok, I get it).

There have been 2 toy series released so far with the third due to drop in February. They start from about 80p for one small toy but there are also blister packs for around a tenner and other add-ons like cars.

One dedicated mum tried desperately to secure one for her little poppet. They were pretty much sold out but rumours were flying that there was a handful “under the counter” at our local newsagents!!

If I can’t secure a Superzing though, don’t worry son, I’ve got your back. There’s some smashing stationery here you can have.

Fancy Paper- The Comeback. I can see it now…


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