Wardrobe Classics – 5 we can’t live without

Wardrobe Classics – 5 we can’t live without

Your house is on fire. It goes without saying you’ve saved the kids, hubbie and any pets but what wardrobe items would you brave the flames for? My mates and I would risk life and limb for these 5 scorchers…

1 Ripped Jeans

Ok, going to say this out loud (don’t throw stuff at me) – I think skinny jeans may have had their day. But, I love my ripped jeans – what’s a girl to do? I found these baggy ripped jeans in New Look and they are my go-to at the moment. I’ve only worn them with hi-tops but I think they’ll look great with wedges in the summer… either way, I’ll have to make sure that my knees at least are hair-free.

2 Hi-tops

Yes I love Converse white ones but I stand on a lot of football fields so they’re not going to stay white for long. I wear my army green Nike hi-tops all the time. Army green is my new black as it’s just as versatile but less sombre. And if you dress head-to-toe in it, you can sneak up on people in a field and ambush them.


3 Leopard-print

I’ve got more than Bet Lynch – handbags, coats, scarves and skirts. Leopard-print is absolutely a neutral in its own right. I bought an £18 Primark coat last year and wear it constantly.

My best friend has the same one so when we go out together, we have to text beforehand to check if the other is wearing theirs (way too old for twinning).  This one from Dotty P does the job nicely…

4 Shirt Dress

I’m loving New Look at the moment and I am being braver and wearing dresses more. This style works great with a massive cardigan and biker boots now or glitzy sandals and neck bling in the summer.

5 Biker jacket

Great layered over a denim jacket for extra warmth pitch-side or over a maxi dress when it’s a little warmer. Beaten up Converse hi-tops or studded biker boots look good with this staple (or high heels and an evening dress). My old one was about to fall apart so found this fab one in River Island for sixty quid.

Put all 5 items on when you’re stood outside waiting for the fire brigade to show up. A damsel in distress has to look her best, right?

I want to know YOUR Top 5 wardrobe warriors so drop me a note in the Comments section…


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