What NOT to ask the kids whilst driving

From the mouth of babes…

Gotta make the moment last..

Do you wish you could press pause on life with boys? Or better still, capture on film all the hilarious things they say or do?

It’s not that I want to embarrass them in later life (though having some choice anecdotes for my speech on their wedding day would be handy) but I wish I had noted down some of their finest comedy moments – if only so when I’m sat alone in the old people’s home the boys have thrown me in, I have something to do.

BOYZ 2 MEN – not yet, thank you.

My eldest Mister is now 11 and growing up so fast, I struggle to keep up with the changes. Hair is done meticulously and he makes me listen to TalkSPORT so he can catch the latest football headlines. I’ve given up trying to buy clothes for him as he’s a designer label snob and cheapy shorts from Primark just don’t cut it anymore.


There was much preening and mirror-staring in preparation for the recent School disco. “Is there going to be any kissing at this disco?”, I asked jokingly in the car on the way there. I was thinking back when teachers went on curtain patrol with a torch – but that was more 14 years of age..wasn’t it?

“Nah, don’t think so..unless you’re going out with someone  I guess..”

What?!! I nearly pulled the car around. I realised then that I didn’t even know if my eldest Mister was – well, what would you call it? Dating? Going steady? (cue vomiting into my own mouth.)

“So”, I asked tentatively, not sure I even wanted to know the answer, “are you erm, going out with someone?”

“No”, he declared triumphantly, ” I am a single pringle, ready to mingle”. Cue me, nearly crashing the car.

So lesson learnt – be careful what you ask your boys, especially whilst operating machinery.

What funny quotes have your Misters come up with lately? Let us know in the Comments section.




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