Why your boy needs football in his life

Why your boy needs football in his life


Balls to that…

There was a time when the boys were younger that I congratulated myself on dodging the ball – football that is. Father of Misters would roll a football past them and they’d step over it on the way to the Lego box. Great, no standing on muddy football fields for this Mamma.

Then someone gave eldest a Match Attax football card and that moved the goalposts. Suddenly, every quid prized from grandparents was spent collecting cards. They’d sit for hours memorising player stats. The after-school football club came next where they learnt the basics and tried out their back garden skills.

Grassroots is always greener…

That’ll be enough, I reckoned – they don’t need to join a football club as well? I was scared off by stories from other mums about late night training runs and weekends tied up with matches.

But mates were joining in their droves and Father of Misters was quite misty-eyed about the whole affair so for fear of scoring an own goal, I committed to 2 training nights a week and Saturday morning matches.

Now, we’re at the end of our second football season and it’s me who is misty-eyed about the beautiful game – so if you’re nervous of the prospect of being a Football Mum, maybe these 5 reasons will get you over the line…

1 Football teaches our boys resilience

My boys have had plenty of defeats on the football field – the biggest drubbing I can recall is 16-0. But the next time it was only 12-0 until eventually there was a win. Football has a great knack of showing our boys how to persevere.

2 Football develops social & listening skills

They have to learn how to handle different personalities in their teammates, to understand and be understood by coaches. They learn about compromise (goalkeeper, again??) and taking on constructive criticism.

3 Football teaches them about sharing and being part of a team

One of the hardest lessons for boys playing football at this age, in my humble opinion, is to learn to pass the ball – they want to keep the goal-scoring glory for themselves. But in recognising opportunities in the game and skills in their team-mates, they learn about how to be in a team and how to put that team first.

4 Football gives them a life-long passion

I wake in a cold sweat sometimes, thinking about those looming teenage years. I fear that with no hobby or passion, they’ll be hanging out at the local park, drinking cider. Football gives them a currency – something to do, watch and talk about.

5 Football keeps them fit

Anyone who has boys in the house knows they’re like dogs – they need airing and running off. As they get older though, they don’t want to run around the park.

They also just want to be with their mates – not us parents (sob). So football’s a great way for them to burn off all that energy – and sleep better too. That’s a win-win in my book!

That’s the full-time whistle. Read more about football and boys here


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